Intouchs Concept

Concept, Design-to-Built, Consultancy, Home and Office Furniture

Established in 2009 helmeted with personnel more than 20 years experiences. Intouchs Concept is a fast growing company focusing primarily on providing an urban and architectural vision for Concept, Design-to-Built, Consultancy, Steel Structure Contractor, Home and Office Furniture for the development phases.

Our main core business lay in retail, commercial, housing and institutional project predominantly to capture the dynamic of market needs. Our mission is to provide high quality of services that benefit to the community, clients and investors.

As the boundaries of life style are continuously changing, Intouchs Concept has not only to provide the good services. Indeed, we were pursuing in the perfection of clientele expectation.


Intouchs Concept


We are the local supplier specialized in all kind of the loose and built- In office furniture come to together with Interior Design works. Shall you have any requisition about the furniture products and services for your office space, please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to assist you. Thank you.

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